This page reflects who I am but my passion reflects who you are.
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I AM 1 of 3 Breast Cancer SURVIVORS (2008), a Wife, a Mother, a photographer
At the age of 8, I became fascinated with cameras and was given my first, a Polaroid Sun 600. As a child learning to "take pictures", our objective was to tell a story with the images captured. 
In 2010, my mother purchased me a Sony handycam to ensure the family would have videos to relive joyous moments. Having little to no clue of transferring or editing videos, I learned with church programs and plays. The church installed a video system that I faithfully assist in operating for all services.
I rekindled my fascination with cameras and purchased a Kodak and was later given a GE camera. In 2014, I experienced the use of a DSLR as an excited wife and mother capturing moments of her children and others as they  participated in high school sports. I and a few others were intrigued with the images taken, which was very challenging. My challenge has since then become a passion. This passion drove me to take basic photography and editing classes at Auburn University, an internship as detailed photographer for Bonita Dent of B Dent Wedding and Event Design, and attending the BOBW Workshop hosted by photographers Tamika Nelson and Danny Austin. My aim is to capture the "true essence" of individuals, families, celebrants, and weddings. Capturing the personality of our subjects are what we "shoot" for.